The only way to become a good musician is to play regularly. By following a few simple tips, your child can get more out of their practice time and reach their goals more quickly.

Follow our practice tips

set a regular time so that practice becomes part of your daily routine. Think through what you have to do before you start to play and set yourself some targets.
your teacher will set targets, advice and comments each week, so take time to look at your practice book or online portal.
good practice involves your mind, your body, your emotions, and the music. Your parent or teacher may be able to make you spend time playing the notes, but only you can focus your mind.
music is all about the sound, so remember to listen every time you play. It can sometimes be helpful to make a recording or ask someone else to listen and help.
start with a warm-up. Break your pieces up into small sections and work on the challenging parts before you play all the way through. Don’t just play something once – repeat it even when you’ve got it right. Leave time to review things you’ve already learned and enjoy playing.
you might not see an improvement in every practice. It’s normal for progress to seem a bit of a roller coaster of ups and downs at times. But regular practice always gets you closer to your next breakthrough.

Music Mark Get Playing

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