Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives give opportunities for children and young people to experience and develop their abilities in music regardless of their background. We believe this is essential for a diverse and inclusive music education sector.

We aim to provide opportunities for all children and young people to engage in music experiences that are relevant to and representative of different cultural experiences. In particular, ethnicity and disability are a key part of diversity and inclusivity.

We work closely with partners in schools and setting across Cardiff and the Vale, Open Orchestras, Live Music Now, Disability Arts Wales to make sure that our activities give children and young people access to the range and diversity of musical opportunities.

It is important that we promote and celebrate the Welsh language and culture whilst delivering the service. We work with the National Music Service to develop and oversee the national and local policy for EDI in music education. As the lead body for Cardiff and the Vale, we will also work with partners to increase representation across the sector and develop EDI initiatives to help us improve in this area.

We regularly provide professional learning opportunities for our tutors to prevent bias, inequality, bullying, prejudice, or stereotyping based on protected characteristics and support access for children and young people from low‑income households.

Our remissions policy sets out how we can support learners financially. All children and young people from low-income families and Looked After Children are prioritised for access to loaning a musical instrument free of charge.

We aim to expand diversity and representation in our tutors so we can provide all children and young people with musical experiences, delivered by role models they identify with.